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3 seems to be more for individuals or families as it describes itself as, “Simple Cloud Storage for your documents, photos music and more. Backup your computer, backup your life.”

How does Zipcloud cloud online storage work?

ZipCloud says it is simple to use. After you install the application, all you need to do is set it and forget it. Your files will be automatically synced silently in the background, requiring you to do nothing else in the future. You can choose to have your computer automatically synced up at the time and on the days of your choice.

You can use ZipCloud with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Mac OS X 10.5+. The company states that it is currently working on a Mac OS 10.4 application as well as Linux, Android and iOS applications.

Share with family and friends

Once your files are in the, you can easily share them with friends, family and colleagues. Your files can be accessed from any location and from any device. Plus, you can sync files between computers. For example, you could have all your files on both a laptop and your desktop at work or at home.

Security you can count on

Like the other cloud computing companies, ZipCloud says that your files are its top priority and that it offers security you can count on. It further states that it takes your files seriously and that your data is constantly encrypted using a 256 bit secure socket layer encryption. It offers support that’s available 24/7 but this consists of support by email only.

What ZipCloud cloud online storage costs

ZipCloud offers a 14-day free trial with 15 MB of storage. Once you complete your free trial, you can get unlimited storage from $4.95 a month but to qualify for this, you will need to pay for two years upfront at a cost of $118.80. If you choose a monthly plan, the cost goes to $9.95 a month.  Also, while ZipCloud says it offers unlimited backup space, you get only 1 GB of sync space.

Money back guarantee

ZipCloud’s service comes with an anytime money back guarantee. It states that “if for some reason, you decide that you no longer need to store your files in the cloud, you can cancel at any time.” Notice that this says you can cancel at anytime but does not spell out what money you would get back.

What users say about ZipCloud reviewers have generally been complimentary about the service. However, it usually gets an average rating of just three out of five stars. People who use ZipCloud like the fact it charges only $4.95 a month for true unlimited backup (keep in mind that this requires you to pay for two years’ worth of service in advance), has clean, easy to use interface, private file sharing and you can view files directly on the web. Its cons include the fact that there is no public file sharing ability (this was supposed to be available in December of 2011) and no live chat or phone support. Also, you cannot use the application or view files on Android, BlackBerry or iOS devices.

One user summed up his review by saying that ZipCloud is best for people looking for unlimited backup with a sleek, clean user interface design and fast backup speeds.  The service is affordable, provides versatile and comprehensive backup functionality that is intuitive and easy to execute and can provide all-inclusive backup and easy access to your important digital files.

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