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What Is SugarSync?

Many computer users also own smartphones and other devices, and it can be irritating to keep all of these devices synced and backed up. is a free service that allows you to sync your computer with your phone and other devices, and it allows you to back up your files online. Not only does this make your life easier, but it also helps to protect you in the event that one of your devices quits workings, loses your files or is lost or stolen.

In this day and age, simply making a backup of your files and keeping it somewhere at home or at the office isn’t enough. Although it is always a good idea to take these precautions, you should consider storing your files with an online backup company. This will allow you to access your files from anywhere in the world, and you can retrieve them when you need them the most. There are tons of online backup sites out there, but SugarSync seems to be one of the most user-friendly, useful and affordable options out there.

Packages and Pricing

SugarSync is one of the few sites that offers a decent free package. For users who simply want to try out the service or who only have a few files to back up, SugarSync offers a free 5GB package. You can start with this package if you want to try out the service without having to pay up front, and you can upgrade your package at any time.

As for their paid packages, SugarSync has very reasonable prices, and they offer a free 30-day trial for each one of them. From a 10GB plan that costs $4.99 a month to a generous 100GB package for an affordable $14.99 a month, the prices at SugarSync are very reasonable. For power users who have tons of documents and files, SugarSync offers both a 250GB and a 500GB plan, and their prices are still very reasonable.

Business Options

Although many SugarSync users use the service for their personal devices and files, business owners can benefit from the service as well. SugarSync’s business plan allows you to share your account with multiple users, making it possible for you to collaborate and share files and folders with your coworkers or clients.

You can also make your workplace much more efficient and tech-savvy with the help of SugarSync’s business services. You can sync as many devices as you want without an extra charge, and you can access any of your files from your smartphone at any time. SugarSync also offers password protection, so you only have to share the files that you want to share.

Ease of Use

You do not have to be a computer geek to use SugarSync’s online backup service. They offer apps for many popular smartphones, and streaming and syncing your files between multiple devices has never been easier.

You also do not have to worry about manually backing up your files. SugarSync works quietly in the background while keeping the most up-to-date versions of all of your files and folders. They even store the last five versions of each document for your convenience.

Tech Support and Customer Service

Many questions that you might have about the service can easily be answered on the website through a blog, video tutorials and other online tools. Technical support can also be easily reached via their webpage through an online community, e-mail support or chat; their technical support seems dedicated to helping you to get the most out of your service.


When compared to other online backup services, is hard to beat. Even their free package offers sufficient storage space for most basic users, and they have a package for nearly anyone, no matter how much or how little you use your devices. SugarSync makes it easy for you to grow, and you can add additional space to any account or additional users to your business account with ease. If you are unsure about SugarSync, you should give their 30-day free trial or their free account a chance today. You might find that this service will make your life a lot easier both at work and at home.

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