Rackspace Cloud Drive Review

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Rackspace is a professional cloud hosting company that offers a number of different alternatives to a traditional dedicated server. If all you need is a place to back up and store your files, your best alternative might be what the company calls Rackspace Cloud Files.

Cloud Files is powered by the company’s program OpenStack®. According to Rackspace, this application provides easy to use online storage for media and files, and allows you to access or retrieve your information from anywhere in the world.

How does it work?

The way this works is that you upload your files to the cloud just as if you were loading them onto a separate disk drive. The company provides an online control panel or desktop software that permits you to store and manage an unlimited number of files. Whether you use the desktop software or online control panel, you can then manage your files from an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or an Android device.

How can you use cloud files?

Cloud Files is said to be an excellent solution for archiving or backing up data, for serving images and videos or for serving as secondary or tertiary web-accessible data storage. In short, it represents a great way for you to back up anything on your computer so that if you suffer a hard drive crash or if one of your programs crashes, your data will be safe and easy to restore.

What Cloud Files cost

Cloud Files pricing is based on paying for only what you use. You are not required to buy anything and there are no upfront costs. All you pay for is the file storage space you use and tour outgoing bandwidth. Pricing starts at $.15 per gigabyte per month. This allows you to use, as much or as little online storage as you choose. You can store files and media of any size. And you are not required to sign any kind of long-term contract.

Public or private

When you sign up for space on Cloud Files, you create what is called a “container” that holds your files. You can mark this container as either public or private.


If data security is important to you, you’ll be happy to know that Rackspace keeps your files secure with robust AES-256 encryption and admin–control keys.

Cloud Drive

Rackspace offers an alternative to Cloud Files that it calls the Rackspace Cloud Drive. The difference between it and Cloud Files is that it functions as an exterior drive and will automatically backup the files and folders you select. You can backup any file or folder and the company says recovery is easy with its online file storage, In fact, it includes “versioning,” so you can restore files as if they existed at a specific time. Cloud Drive also allows you to file sync between multiple computers or users so that you always have access to your latest files.

Cloud Drive also charges on a pay-as you-go basis at $0.15 per gigabyte plus a $4 monthly fee. You get 10 GB free cloud online storage to start with plus a 14 day free trial.

Cloud Drive is powered by Jungle Disk – a wholly owned subsidiary of Rackspace.

Rackspace support

Rackspace support is available by phone, ticket or online chat 24/7, 365 days a year. The company boasts of “fanatical support,” which is tech support people called Rackers who are smart, experienced and devoted to helping you and taking care of your data.

What users say about Rackspace

Rackspace users have been uniformly positive about the company’s cloud. Most have rated it 5 stars out of a possible five with a few rating it 4 stars out of five. One user said, “Overall they are a very unique company with unique approaches that’s worth the money if not your mission critical websites. Go with Rackspace managed hosting instead if you are looking for absolute reliability and accountability” while others reported, “Their seriousness about customer support and satisfaction isn’t just a show,” “Love it all,” and “Rackspace Cloud servers are the best.”


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