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The days of tedious file transfers and email attachments are over. The cloud technology used in MyPC Backup makes file sharing fun and stress-free. This service comes with unlimited storage to accommodate all types of digital files that can be accessed from anywhere. has gained recommendations and recognition from industry experts and rating authorities.

MyPC Backup Features

Cloud Online Storage

MyPCBackup makes storing all sorts of digital files a lot easier and safer. Now, nobody has to worry about losing their memorable photos, emails, documents and music. MyPC Backup allows multiple file attachments to be saved online. With this, users can get access to their files without having to take their computers or external hard drives with them. These files can be shared directly with friends, family and even on their social media accounts as long as there is an Internet connection.

Backup options include scheduled document storage that may be run hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. This means users do not have to keep reminding themselves to back up their files because will do it for them automatically. Users may also create custom links. These links can be sent to authorized people so that they can view the stored files with just a few clicks.


The best thing about My PC Backup is its unlimited storage support. Users can store any digital file they want without restrictions at an affordable price. They can also take advantage of the flexible plans with low monthly fees. Discounts are also available for those who prefer longer contracts for six months and one or two years. However, the fees must be paid upfront. Basic membership is free. My PC Backup also offers a money-back guarantee.

Mobile Backup Service

MyPCBackup has a lot of amazing features that make it highly recommended for all computer users. The service can also be accessed on phones with mobile browsers. With this, it is very convenient to check and share files as the service has already been formatted for mobile browsers.


Many people are skeptical about storing their files online for security reasons. The good news is that provides multi-level security for all items saved. Users need to log in with their registered username and password. Additionally, all data transferred is SSL encrypted. All recent account activity is also displayed, and users can check any changes made or unauthorized access to their accounts. Most importantly, all the stored data goes to Amazon servers that are hosted at some of the most secured data centers in the world. This means all access to the accounts is closely monitored.

Ease of Use

MyPC Backup is relatively fast and easy to install. Users can start uploading their files with just a few clicks. The interface is also very convenient to use. There is a dashboard where users can navigate the program. Initial backups may take a long time to complete depending on the amount of data that needs to be stored. However, the succeeding backups will only take a few minutes. Users should know how the backup system works in order to make use of all its features. Additionally, they can synch files on multiple computers. Users can be confident that their files can be restored if their computer hard drive crashes.

Customer Service Support

Users sometimes experience problems when using an online storage service. With this, customer service should be available all the time. My PC Backup has professional and friendly customer support representatives to receive and answer queries through email. There may be no telephone number to contact when troubles arise, but the email service can suffice. Users can expect replies within a few hours.

First-time users can benefit from the video tutorials available on the website. There is also a lot of valuable content that users can read in the site’s FAQ section. In addition, there is a built-in manual that users can access anytime. offers 24/7 technical support if you have any questions or problems.

The Bottom Line – Review

My PC Backup offers great features for all computer users. It makes file storage, sharing and transfer a lot easier and safer. The storage space is large enough to accommodate a massive number of files. The interface is easy to use. These features make this product a great online storage service. Overall, MyPCBackup is a wise choice to protect and save important files.

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