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These days, there are far too many free cloud storage providers trolling the Internet. It’s not fair for the world’s online storage providers to expect you to analyze each individual program on its merits and make a rational economic decision about which one to purchase. You have a life to lead.

Then again, a good amount of your life is probably devoted to uploading photos, documents and multimedia to your laptop, desktop and mobile devices. An unstable or unscrupulous cloud storage provider could easily throw a monkey wrench into your affairs. You’ll need to choose wisely between the best companies in the business today.

Three cloud online storage providers enjoy excellent reputations: BackBlaze, JustCloud and ZipCloud. With crisp interfaces, affordable payment plans and airtight security protocols, these programs offer peace of mind for retail users and business owners alike.

BackBlaze is a quirky company in the midst of a worldwide expansion into promising markets like the United Kingdom and Japan. Driven by a lightweight program shell that uses less than 1 percent of the processing power of its host systems, BackBlaze has earned rave reviews from techies who appreciate its functionality. It’s not written on a one-size-fits-all Java platform like some other storage providers.

BackBlaze costs $5 for the first month of service. If you want to keep using it after that, you can continue on a month-to-month basis or set up a longer-term contract. One-year contracts cost $4.17 per month while two-year contracts cost $3.96. Although the company doesn’t offer a free trial, BackBlaze’s low cost and superior functionality more than make up for this oversight.

JustCloud and ZipCloud share many common features. Their interfaces, including the layouts of their respective landing pages, are extremely similar. Both offer “anytime” access on all manner of Internet-connected devices. The services’ upload and download speeds are blazing fast even on 4G-equipped devices like tablets and smartphones.

Both services also offer free trials for potential customers. There’s some daylight between the two on this matter: While both companies offer free cloud storage for two weeks, JustCloud restricts prospective users’ storage capacities significantly during this period. You’ll receive just 115 MB of storage space during your free JustCloud trial. ZipCloud offers unlimited file storage during its trial period.

JustCloud is also a bit more expensive than ZipCloud. While it offers occasional promotional deals that may drop the price of its unlimited storage services to $4.95 per month, unlimited JustCloud plans cost $9.95 per month on a monthly basis or $5.95 per month on a yearly basis.

JustCloud offers a two-tiered business storage program as well. The introductory “Business” package provides 100 GB of storage space accessible from five separate computers for $19.95 per month. The top-tier “Executive” package provides 500 GB of storage on as many as 20 unique devices for $49.95. This package can be customized to include as many as 150 computers and monopolize up to 5 TB of storage space.

By contrast, ZipCloud‘s unlimited storage plan costs $6.95 on a monthly basis and comes with a permanent money-back guarantee that makes it easy to cancel. The company’s business storage plans are identical to JustCloud’s in terms of pricing, storage space and customization capabilities.

Before you jump at the next offer of free cloud storage, spend some more time researching these three providers. Chances are good that you’ll end up liking what you learn.

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