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Carbonite Home is one of the two most popular cloud online storage services available. It comes in two flavors, Carbonite Home & Office and Carbonite Small Business. The difference between the two plans is that Carbonite Home can be used on just one computer while Carbonite Small Business can be used on any number of computers as the way its pricing is based strictly on the amount of storage space you use.

How Carbonite cloud online storage works

Just install Carbonite on your computer and it immediately begins backing up your files. This is done in the background so it won’t interfere with any thing else you’re doing on the computer. You won’t need to stop what you’re doing and restart, either. The set up process is quick and easy so long as you select “Automatic setup” during installation.

Once you have Carbonite installed, you’ll never have to remember to back up your files as the program runs continually and will back up any new or modified files so long as you’re connected to the Internet. It actually goes to sleep when you’re using your computer so never gets in the way of anything else you’re doing.

Try Carbonite free for 15 days – no credit card required.

What it will back up

Carbonite can be used to back up your documents, settings, music, email, photos and videos. In other words it will back up anything stored on your computer – all safely stored in “The Cloud”. However, if you have any files that are 4GB or larger, you will need to add these to your backup manually. Also, video files are backed up automatically only if you have Carbonite HomePremier (more about this later). If you have Home or HomePlus, you will need to manually add video files to your backup.

Restoring files

Have you ever accidentally deleted a file? If you were a typical computer user, you’ll have answered a definite “yes.” With Carbonite Home you’ll never have to worry about that awful sinking feeling you get when a critical file disappears because you can recover any individual file for up to 30 days after you’ve deleted it, using just the Carbonite desktop application. Just find the file you need and click “restore.”

What happens if your computer crashes? Just log in to and click “Restore” and you’ll be taken step-by-step through the process of putting all your files back where they belong. If you get a new computer, you can use “Restore” to put all the files from your old computer onto the new one. How cool and helpful would that be?

What Carbonite Home costs

You can try Carbonite Home free for 15 days. After that, you can choose from among three plans. The most basic version is called Home and costs $59 a year and gives you an unlimited amount of backup space. However, you cannot use it to backup an external hard drive, do Mirror Image Backup or get Courier Recovery Service. HomePlus is $99 a year and can be used only on a Windows-based computer. This plan gives you external hard drive backup and Mirror Image backup. The third plan, HomePremier (also only available only for use with Windows-powered computers), gives you everything, including automatic video backup and courier recovery service.

What users say about Carbonite Home

People who have used Carbonite Home like that it’s easy to use, provides automatic backup and remote access and that it’s inexpensive. However, they also site some negatives such as the fact that there is no file syncing, customer support can be slow to respond and may affect the playback of audio and video files.

Reviewers generally give Carbonite four out of five stars. One reviewer praised its simple website and installation process. He recommended Carbonite to individuals and home users, saying “It does a great job for what it is designed to do but don’t expect a lot of options.” Another liked its cost (unlimited space for just $59 a year), its ease of use and that Carbonite offers online chat and phone support (during normal business hours).

In summary, if you have just one computer, Carbonite Home is a very affordable cloud online storage service, you should find it easy to install and use even if you’re a total non-techie, and it will do a great job of protecting your data.

Try Carbonite free for 15 days – no credit card required.

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